Why are we afraid to share what we know about Christ?

My mind keeps getting drawn back to president Nelsons talk at the women’s session of general conference, ‘sisters participation in the gathering of Israel’, it’s such a lovely talk and I truly feel so loved every time I read it.

One of the biggest points of his talk was obviously the challenge he set to women all over the world. To fast from social media for ten days, to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year and to intentionally speak about Christ. This has always been something that I’ve struggled with. Speaking about Christ.

I was baptised by my husband five years ago now which sounds like a long time, but essentially I’m still a spiritual baby. Public speaking is not for me at all so I rarely give talks at church, I don’t often answer questions in Sunday school incase I get them wrong, and i usually try delaying my presence in lessons so that the prayers are already assigned and i don’t have to do them. All out of concern for other people’s judgements of course.

And it actually massively frustrates me. I’ve spent the last five years, with my testimony sort of going up and down. Never disbelieving, but I guess more like flaring between being spiritually strong and spiritually weak. And the times when I’m feeling spiritually strong I get held back from sharing the things I want to share with people because of this fear. Even in testimony meetings I’ve sat there and fought against the urge to get up and share, just because the thought of standing and walking to the stand and then standing up there in front of everyone fills me with genuine panic. It’s so annoying as I have so much to say! Haha.

Anyways. Since hearing this talk originally, I knew it was going to be a game changer for me. I knew that if I followed the counsel of the prophet then I would play a part in the gathering of Israel. Something that is also reaffirmed in my patriarchal blessing. So I begun my media fast, (you can read more about that Here to save me from being repetative) I also began to reread the Book of Mormon, marking every reference to the Saviour.

The Prophet really knows what he’s talking about. Honestly. I have never sailed through the Book of Mormon so effortlessly but while actually taking in a lot of the teachings at the same time. I read it cover to cover before my baptism, but I always say that I read it like I would read Harry Potter or something. Just reading it to read. Not to gain any sort of spiritual insight from it. But I have taken so much from that book in just three weeks. I’m currently just getting to the end of king Benjamin’s address in Mosiah and I’m honestly on a spiritual high. I know that’s because of the influence of the media fast. I drop the word social because I’m ‘fasting’ from any media that would not allow the spirit to be with me while I entertained it.

For the last three weeks I have only listened to church music, we’ve watched a lot of Disney and living scriptures, and I’ve cut out Facebook, snapchat and instagram. I haven’t watched or read anything negative or contrary to the church at all. And it feels so good. I’ve used all the extra time i have to read my scriptures.

I’ve been feeling like i needed to increase my efforts on the ‘speak about Christ’ part of the Prophets challenge. Whenever I’ve prayed about it in the last week or so, two names kept popping into my head. One of them I felt like I only needed to speak more openly about church around. Not invite them or anything. And the other one I felt like I just needed to straight up invite them. Which of course is the one I’ve been struggling with for a few days. I always worry about people’s reactions to me mentioning church, probably because I had such a negative reaction from friends and family when I said I was getting baptised. So I kept finding A reason to put off messaging this guy and being like ‘dude come to church’

With my worldly judgements I would never have said that he would have been someone who would receive the gospel or even be interested in just checking it out, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed the invite. So yesterday I invited him. He responded saying that he would come and that he was actually curious and interested about it. My goodness. The feeling of relief I had honestly 😂 when I told him that I had been dreading his response he kept asking me why.

And I’ve spent the night thinking about this. Why? Why are we so afraid to tell people that Christ lives? That He is our saviour and redeemer? He is literally our only way to salvation and eternal life so by not telling people we are delaying that for them. Having a testimony of the plan of salvation brings me so much happiness so why wouldn’t I want other people to at least have the opportunity to feel that same joy? God is preparing people all over the world to receive His gospel, He needs you to deliver it to them. So seriously, if you know that Christ lives, tell somebody else. If you do it prayerfully you may even find that you’ll be given the name of someone who is ready to be told. If you don’t know that Christ lives, believe that I know that He does, and then go and receive the same confirmation yourself. You can use this Chapel finder to locate your nearest chapel.

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