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Preparatory thoughts about the second coming

With all the changes in the church recently you can’t help but feel like the second coming is imminent. The prophet is definitely preparing us for this major event. I always worry about how much worse the world is going to get, considering the state it’s in already, and what it’s going to be like when my children are independant. I know they’re going to suffer through so much persecution just because of what they believe and it forever feels like I don’t do enough for them to be valiant in their testimonies.

I was super grateful on Sunday to discover that the 4th Sunday RS lesson has changed from ministering to ‘personal and family scripture study’. Of course this is to aid with and prepare us for the home centred church supported structure that we should all be striving to achieve. Our homes need to be a shelter from the madness that is the world, especially as it gets worse and I am super grateful that we have this understanding and the prophet to counsel us through the process.

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