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Power songs

Friday marks my five year wedding anniversary. firstly, like woah. how have I been married for five years already?! And not because I’ve had the time of my life* and time flies when you’re having fun but because I genuinely question how someone has managed to put up with me for that long. haha I’m joking i’m definitely a delight to live with and Elliott is very blessed to have me 😉 secondly, I have naturally used the occasion as a reason (excuse) to treat myself to items on my wishlist that I can quite easily live without but simply don’t want to, because that’s the kind of irresponsible human being that I am.  Numero Uno on that list was this laptop, white one the outside, rose gold on the inside. technologically speaking I have no idea what it does, but you heard me when I said it was rose gold on the inside right? that is, of course, all that actually matters. so naturally i’m trying to compile a blog post from somewhere within me that is potentially worth reading just so I can sit here like the walking cliché that I am in my baggy Tee, headphones plugged in to my rose gold iPhone, tapping away on my new rose gold keys. so forgive me if this wasn’t worth the read after all. actually no, im living life unapologetically right now so I don’t care if its a waste of your time. #notsorry

 So in order to actually have something beneficial for you, I decided to put together a list of songs for you to add to your power playlist. (I know you have one) Mainly because I’ve had a rubbish first week of half term and music is what’s getting me through….

1. Lizzo – juice

2. Lizzo – good as hell

3. Lizzo -Boys

4. Sara bareilles – brave

5. Kerala settle – this is me (obviously)

6. Daya – sit still, look pretty

7. Alessia Cara – scars to your beautiful

8. Lily Allen – hard out here

9. Beyoncé – flawless

10. Little Mix – grown

11. Kesha – praying

12. Helen reddy – I am woman

13. Selena gomez – who says

14. Fifth harmony – that’s my girl

15. Lizzo -truth hurts

FYI – you can pretty much add any lizzo song to that list.

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