body positivity

A body positivity rant; because life.

I needed a place to vent my frustrations with the world and then I remembered that, that was one of the reasons I set this site up in the first place 🙄 I experienced an attack of thinphobia today 😂 i understand your confusion since the bulk of my recent posts have been about fatphobia and me accepting my body fat and getting on with my life. But today my efforts were (not so graciously) thrown back in my face because I wasn’t ‘fat enough’ yup. Apparently that’s my life now 😂

I spent 20 years hating myself for not being thin enough and now that I’ve finally accepted my body for what it is-fat included, I get told I’m not fat enough! There is honestly no wonder we’re all so messed up! You know what makes the whole thing worse? The fact that the person who told me, was the creator of a BODY POSITIVE FACEBOOK GROUP. And then went on to kick me out of said group 😂 as if there was a size requirement on body positivity. M.a.d.n.e.s.s.

Body positivity is inclusive to ALL body types, shapes and sizes. There isn’t an application form or entry requirements. It does not mean you have to love your body. If it did then half of us would be out. It does Not Mean that you have to find all bodies attractive. Because quite frankly it just doesn’t make sense for every one to fancy the pants off of everyone else. Body positivity does mean that ALL bodies are entitled to respect and are worthy of love and NO BODY should be excluded from something based solely on its appearance. You cannot preach body positivity in one conversation and exclude a body in another, it’s contradictory.

While we’re at it, you know what else isn’t Body positivity? Before and after pictures. We’ve all compiled them to see and maybe even share our weight loss ‘progress’, but all your actually doing is comparing one body to another, even if they are both your own. YOU CANNOT COMPARE BODIES AND PREACH BODY POSITIVITY. And they can be so harmful to people with body image issues. I’ve seen before pictures that show bodies smaller than mine, it’s really triggering for someone to claim that that body is not good enough. So behave and stop comparing bodies k? You are not a before picture.

Nobody expects you to wake up body positive, we are all works in progress here, but maybe next time you have a thought about somebody based on the appearance of their body just tell it where to go, replace it with the ‘all bodies are good bodies’ mentality and certainly don’t act on it.


Your friendly neighbor-hood fat girl

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