Truth is truth, regardless of beliefs.

For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the first Sunday of each month is referred to as ‘fast Sunday’, not because it’s the one Sunday out of the month that flies by, but because it’s the one that’s dedicated worldwide to fasting from food and water. The purpose of this Sunday is essentially to forget up your worldly, physical needs and draw spiritually closer to our Heavenly Father by feasting upon the words of Christ (rather than that leftover Chinese for breakfast. I see you.)

Our Sunday morning service also changes on this day, instead of having previously assigned members of the ward (congregation) to speak to us from the pulpit, it pretty much becomes like open mic night up in there. Anyone is free to stand up for a few minutes and share their belief and testimony that Christ lives.

This is the most difficult Sunday for me. Firstly, the food thing. Or lack of should I say. I cannot not restrict food right now for whatever reason because it makes me crazy, but I do try (most of the time) in some way to fast from something. Anyway, secondly (probably more importantly and the reason I’m actually even writing,) the most difficult part for me is the bearing of the testimony from the stand. In almost six years of church membership, I’ve done it once. Once. And that was last month lol. I may be growing slowly but it’s still growth 🙌🏼😂

The thought of standing up and walking past an entire room of people, then turning to face them and speaking to them fills me with actual panic. By the time I get there I’m fighting the tears, and the whole time talking I’m literally just crying. (FYI – this is really common in church, I just don’t like ugly crying in front of people) BUT I do desire a bit more growth in my life, and I figured that telling a room full of people who mostly already believe that Christ lives is all well and good, but we should be increasingly focusing our efforts on the people who don’t yet believe. Telling people that you believe that a man was sent from God to suffer and then die, to then be resurrected can be a bit of a daunting thing. It can be hard to talk about our beliefs as church members to people who lead completely different lives because we generally sound like crazy religious headcases. A lot of the time what stops us is our fear of judgement when ultimately the only judgment that matters is God’s.

How are we going to feel when we meet Him and He’s like ‘Dude you could’ve told so many people about me, but you were too concerned with what people thought of you‘ a bit selfish really isn’t it. Plus my faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ brings me so much genuine joy, joy that I didn’t even know existed before knowing them. Who am I to deny other people the opportunity to feel that joy because I was to scared of opening my mouth? I don’t want to get to the other side of the veil and bump into people I know and have them resent me for not telling them. So here I am, telling you. Giving you the opportunity to know.

Christ LIVES. Like He really does. He lived, He died and He lives again. He lives again with the scars in His hands and feet. Scars that He received for you. He suffered so that you didn’t have to. His death takes the bitterness out of ours. His death enables our lives to be eternal. He sacrificed himself so that you could live again and He did it because He loves you unconditionally. Knowing that we’d sin, that we’d fall short and that we would be imperfect He gave us a way back because He loves us. Fully and Irrevocably. And regardless of the beliefs of the world, what’s true is true. Christ lives. And that’s the truth.

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