‘Look Ell, I’ve got souls to save and this is the only way I know how’

Let me give you a little insight to how my brain works some times. I recently read a book called ‘visions of glory’. This is not an official church book by the way, but is written by somebody who is a member of the church; a man (he actually remains anonymous) who was born stillborn, and spends a lot of his life Ill and horizontal.

Visions of glory is basically a record of some of the visions he has had with various heavenly messengers. He has these visions both in and out of his body and they include visions of his birth, his spiritual life before his birth, how spirits (both good and evil) work on the earth, and the second coming of Christ.

He saw all the events that lead up to the second coming and my mind was literally blown. Like, my entire ‘church life’ I’ve been aware that Christ will return to the earth again but reading his visions, attending the temple and studying my patriarchal blessing all in one weekend sort of made the whole thing become a lot more real to me. And by real I think I mean more relevant. I don’t think I ever really considered being on the earth for some of the ‘bigger’ signs of the times. I guess I thought maybe my great grandkids would have to deal with it and it wouldn’t be my problem or something 🙈 the same way that the people of fifty years ago thought about climate change I guess 🤷‍♀️

Anyways… after studying some of the signs of the second coming, coupled with this mans visions, I’ve found it a lot easier to visualise so many gospel related things, and the reality of everything I’ve ‘known’ for the last six years became even more real. And it’s left me with this anxious energy to tell everyone that I come into contact with, that Christ lives and that they need to get on His side already. Except, I’m a socially anxious mess and still can’t talk to people 😂 so, short of buying a t-shirt that said something along the lines of ‘I am not a Jehovah, but I do have a message for you..’ on it to trigger conversation, I ordered 500 pass along cards from the distribution centre.

Of course I’m probably not going to actually hand them to people directly because that’s too scary haha. But you may find one or 400 lying around the town and valley. And if you do, take a picture and send it to me because that would genuinely make my day 😂 But I figured I would also take this week to answer the question on each pass along card via blogpost, as there a five different types of card, each with it’s own question. So please, sit back and enjoy my mini mission 😂

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