Is there a God?

The short answer is yes. And the long answer is long and I wasn’t sure how to approach it so I added a handy little link at the end of this (If you want to skip my answer and just go to the official one, I honestly won’t be too offended.)

A lot of the time when telling some body who does not believe in God that there is a God your faced with their desire for you to prove it to them, I’m not sure if they expect you to just ask God to pop in and see them or something, but He doesn’t work quite like that.

Sometimes people want you to venture into some kind of scripture battle with them, which I am certainly not about because my scriptural knowledge is definitely not at battle stage. So that leaves me only with the option of telling you that I know.

I know that there is a God, and that He made every single one of us. I know that He loves us regardless of how we feel about ourselves and the choices we make. I know that He sent us here to learn of Him, to enable us to go back and live with Him eternally. I Know that he knows each of us personally. I know that when we act on the tiniest bit of faith He will help that faith to grow and I know these things because I once had no faith and no desire to develop any.

Then I met a couple of amazing people who had enough faith to leave their home and even their continent for 2 whole years to share that faith with others. They told me that they knew that they had a Heavenly Father because they prayed and asked. So I did too. I acted on what was the tiniest bit of faith in somebody else’s belief and my Heavenly Father allowed it to grow. And i know in my heart, unequivocally that God is and i see His hand in my life every single day.

I’ve added this link to a church website so you can get the long answer 😉

Is God Real?

And this link to my previous post about the pass along cards. Hence the picture 😂

‘Look Ell, I’ve got souls to save and this is the only way I know how’

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