How will God answer my prayers?

I think a cottage pie only costing 95p is definitely something I would pray for.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good one to continue on from yesterday’s Is there a God? Post, since I ended that one by saying that God would let you know that He was there if you prayed with a little faith and sincerity.

There are not a massive amount of instances (at least that I am aware of) where God will answer your prayers by showing up in your living room in all His glory. Such an event would negate the necessity of faith and render the entire plan pointless. BUT He does answer answer prayers.

One of the first things to understand is who the Holy Ghost is and how he works. He is the third member of the godhead (God and Christ make up the other 2/3) and he is the only one without a body of flesh and bones. Being a spirit allows him to speak to our spirits, to put thoughts into our minds and feelings into our hearts. Recognising the Holy Ghost in our lives makes it easier for us to recognise when God has given us an answer to our prayers.

There are so many different ways that God will answer our prayers, sometimes answers come quickly and other times we have to wait a while, but he promises us that if pray with faith and sincerity that he will answer them. I’ve received answers through scriptures I’ve read, through listening to talks people give at church, through conversations with other people and other people’s actions. And then I’ve had answers through thoughts that have been accompanied with feeling the Holy Ghost. A feeling that testified to me that what I have received is an answer to my prayer.

Knowing how to pray is also pretty helpful, so naturally here’s a link that teaches you How to pray. I definitely recommend you giving it a try for yourself!

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