What happens after I die?

Okay so Elliott actually shared a pretty good video to his Facebook about this the other day, you can watch that Here. And I recommend that you do so, because then you don’t have to continue reading because it covers literally everything 😂

But if you don’t watch it then I guess I’ll just sum it up for you here. Luckily my ten year old had the plan of salvation lesson from the missionaries last night so I’ve had my memory jogged and I shouldn’t get it wrong 😉 only kidding! I do actually know what the plan is I’m just procrastinating. Anyways.

Most religions will tell you that when we die we get separated into good and bad people and then sent to either heaven and hell and although Both of these places exist it’s not quite as black and white as that, but let me back up a bit first. Here on Earth we have both our bodies and our spirits, when we die our spirit leaves our body and goes off to a place we call the spirit world, while our body remains on earth.

Our spirits are then divided into spirit prison or spirit paradise. Now although this sounds like some of us are going to be locked in a spirit cell while the rest of us are sunning ourselves with a virgin mojito in hand it’s more of a mental state. Those in spirit prison will be those who rejected Christ on earth or did not get the opportunity to learn about about Him, and those in paradise will be the opposite.

Because God is fair and just, He wants EVERYONE to have the chance to learn about and choose Christ so those in prison will still have that chance after death. Then comes resurrection. Just like Christ did after His crucifixion we will too receive our bodies back, and they will be completely perfect. And no, that does not mean you will finally have abs and a thigh gap because that is the world’s idea of perfect and not God’s. (Although that’s not to say those things won’t exist I don’t have ALL the answers here people)

Our bodies will be whole. No more pain, scars, missing limbs or ailments etc. Then we will take our resurrected selves to stand before God and discuss our lives on earth. Then he will put an old grey hat on our heads and sort us into degrees of glory- okay that’s obviously Harry Potter and I’m not even sure I can joke about that but I did and now it’s out there, so I’ll own it.

The degrees of glory are the different ‘levels’ of heaven, and there are three of them. The celestial is the highest and is where God and Christ will be, this is where the people who lived lives according to God’s commandments will go. The next is the terrestrial kingdom, this is where the people who lead good lives but did not choose to accept Christ will go. And finally the lowest level is for people who lived lives of ill intent and had hatred for the things of God. (Note how all three levels are referred to as a degree of glory- God is loving and wants everyone to receive glory, it’s just the brightness of that glory is up to your choices)

Then hell. Not the place with raging fires and manned by a demon with horns and a pitchfork. We call this Outer darkness because it’s a place with no glory at all and is reserved for the most evil. Those who had a special witness of Christ but denied Him.

And so now you know that you have all these opportunities to choose Christ, you may aswell just start now 🤷‍♀️

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