Why God isn’t mean..

There are so many people in the world that would base their belief about God’s existence on the circumstances of their own lives, on the things they’ve had to endure and on the ever deteriorating state of the world. People believe that there simply couldn’t be a God because if there were He would intervene. He would end the suffering in Sudan, He would remove children from abusive homes, He wouldn’t have let your relative die and He might even take it upon himself to sort Brexit out.

People believe that if there were a God then our lives would be easy, it would never rain, we’d never get sick, our cars wouldn’t break down at the most inconvenient times and most of all He would make sure that we’d all be in a constant state of happiness. You may think that God or His plan for you is mean or unfair because he made you suffer through something difficult, but that’s essentially what we are here for. Our ‘suffering’, is how we grow. It’s how we learn to become like Him.

Our Heavenly Father knows each of us personally, He knows the virtues we need to develop to become heirs to the highest kingdom of heaven (More about that here) where we will have that constant state of happiness that so many people expect already but How many of you give your children the prize before the race is even finished?

God has not sent us here unprepared or to be without assistance. Through prayer and obedience He blesses us daily, makes our burdens lighter and helps us to see the lessons in our trials. If we victimise ourselves then we don’t grow. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t always know the reasons why, but we can have faith in the knowledge that God knows us, loves us and let’s us experience hard things for us. We can have faith in the knowledge that He is there, waiting for us along with that constant state of happiness we so eagerly crave.

It can be hard to focus on eternity when our mortal lives are so consuming, but developing an eternal perspective is the ticket to understanding and learning from our trials. God’s plan for you is not mean, He wants to give you that eternal happiness it’s just that the race isn’t over yet 💛

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