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Power songs

Friday marks my five year wedding anniversary. firstly, like woah. how have I been married for five years already?! And not because I've had the time of my life* and time flies when you're having fun but because I genuinely question how someone has managed to put up with me for that long. haha I'm… Continue reading Power songs

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Neutralising your internal fatphobia

I've spent a lot of my time recently trolling through Instagram trying to diversify my feed. Making my way through all the body positive hashtags. Like #allbodiesaregoodbodies and #haes (health at every size) my aim was to fill my social media feeds up with bodies of different size and shape. Including disabled bodies, bald bodies,… Continue reading Neutralising your internal fatphobia

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What it can be like living with an eating disorder

It's been national eating disorder awareness week this week and although I know I've already shared a few posts about the toxicity of diet culture, I wanted to really hone in on what it can be like to be a person who is living with an eating disorder. I could throw facts and statistics at… Continue reading What it can be like living with an eating disorder

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Book therapy

Reading has always been a big part of my life. I think mostly because of the sense of escapism you get by losing yourself in a good book, Especially when your reality isn't at its most glorious point. About 18 months ago when my desire for escapism was probably at its highest, i decided that… Continue reading Book therapy

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The birth of Reuben. A planned, third c-section.

I wrote this post the day my baby was born. But haven't got around to sharing it until now. I planned on going back through and editing it in an attempt to make it 'better' but I've decided to leave it exactly as it is. Written under the influence of all the drugs and emotions...… Continue reading The birth of Reuben. A planned, third c-section.

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Planned section date

Im so excited! It's like Christmas Eve in my house today! Except instead of waking up early tomorrow to see the kids open their presents and eat quality streets for breakfast, we're waking up early to go to the hospital haha. What is actually wrong with me. At our last antenatal scan, Roo was still… Continue reading Planned section date

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Finally feeling like October..

I am ever so happy to finally see such miserable weather. It feels as though October is actually beginning now. At the start of this week I managed to get around four loads of washing dried on the line and as much as I love that (how even old am I?) I'm so excited for… Continue reading Finally feeling like October..