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Does this person spark joy?

Have you seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix? Well I haven't lol. I was meant to watch it prior to writing this but I got too involved in prison break and can't currently watch anything but that. Nevertheless, I sort of get the gist of it. I have a friend who was vibing on… Continue reading Does this person spark joy?

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Pre-conference ponderings

I feel as though I am writing on way too many platforms right now and I am for sure repeating myself everywhere. So I'm making a temporary uturn from the body positivity blogging just for this post. Trust me when I say I have so much writing planned for that topic 🙌🏼 Some will, and… Continue reading Pre-conference ponderings

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Break the rules and feel the freedom 💛

Did you know that if you are a person living in a fat body, there is a list of rules that you should be following? Rules that exist to give you the opportunity to be treated fairly, or even almost equally within society, of course providing you obey these rules. You're probably aware of this,… Continue reading Break the rules and feel the freedom 💛

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The first two months of Reuben..

Okay so I haven't actually written anything in around 8 weeks. And I only know this because the last time I wrote I was in hospital having my baby 💙 it has been a very fast 8 weeks too! Why does the last two months of pregnancy drag like anything and the first two months… Continue reading The first two months of Reuben..

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The birth of Reuben. A planned, third c-section.

I wrote this post the day my baby was born. But haven't got around to sharing it until now. I planned on going back through and editing it in an attempt to make it 'better' but I've decided to leave it exactly as it is. Written under the influence of all the drugs and emotions...… Continue reading The birth of Reuben. A planned, third c-section.


1st December 2018!

It's December people!!! How exciting! I am so in the zone for Christmas this year! Our tree is up, and has been for about a week now. I love having a real tree but we bought it from a big warehouse and it didn't look that big in the giant room. As soon as we… Continue reading 1st December 2018!


Santa clause came to town

I've been dreading taking my three year old to see santa for weeks now as he is just not a people person. Or at least he wasn't a people person. Since staring school he's changed so much and will pretty much speak to anyone now. But I was still worried because of the whole strange… Continue reading Santa clause came to town