What happens after I die?

Okay so Elliott actually shared a pretty good video to his Facebook about this the other day, you can watch that Here. And I recommend that you do so, because then you don't have to continue reading because it covers literally everything 😂 But if you don't watch it then I guess I'll just sum… Continue reading What happens after I die?

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Healing is not linear – mental health recovery

How are we even in February already? My nan spent all of January complaining that it was lasting forever, what was she even talking about?! It flew by! I wanted to do a sort of 'check in' on my 2019 goals but realised I never told anybody what they were so I guess I'll just… Continue reading Healing is not linear – mental health recovery

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Finally feeling like October..

I am ever so happy to finally see such miserable weather. It feels as though October is actually beginning now. At the start of this week I managed to get around four loads of washing dried on the line and as much as I love that (how even old am I?) I'm so excited for… Continue reading Finally feeling like October..