Why God isn’t mean..

There are so many people in the world that would base their belief about God's existence on the circumstances of their own lives, on the things they've had to endure and on the ever deteriorating state of the world. People believe that there simply couldn't be a God because if there were He would intervene.… Continue reading Why God isn’t mean..


Is there a God?

The short answer is yes. And the long answer is long and I wasn't sure how to approach it so I added a handy little link at the end of this (If you want to skip my answer and just go to the official one, I honestly won't be too offended.) A lot of the… Continue reading Is there a God?


‘Look Ell, I’ve got souls to save and this is the only way I know how’

Let me give you a little insight to how my brain works some times. I recently read a book called 'visions of glory'. This is not an official church book by the way, but is written by somebody who is a member of the church; a man (he actually remains anonymous) who was born stillborn,… Continue reading ‘Look Ell, I’ve got souls to save and this is the only way I know how’

body positivity

A body positivity rant; because life.

I needed a place to vent my frustrations with the world and then I remembered that, that was one of the reasons I set this site up in the first place 🙄 I experienced an attack of thinphobia today 😂 i understand your confusion since the bulk of my recent posts have been about fatphobia… Continue reading A body positivity rant; because life.

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Does this person spark joy?

Have you seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix? Well I haven't lol. I was meant to watch it prior to writing this but I got too involved in prison break and can't currently watch anything but that. Nevertheless, I sort of get the gist of it. I have a friend who was vibing on… Continue reading Does this person spark joy?


There is genuine power that comes with knowing who you are

"And when the tempter came to him, he said, if thou be the son of God, command that these stones be made bread. But he answered and said, it is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeding out of the mouth of God" -Matthew 4:3-4 I want… Continue reading There is genuine power that comes with knowing who you are

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Pre-conference ponderings

I feel as though I am writing on way too many platforms right now and I am for sure repeating myself everywhere. So I'm making a temporary uturn from the body positivity blogging just for this post. Trust me when I say I have so much writing planned for that topic 🙌🏼 Some will, and… Continue reading Pre-conference ponderings