How can I find lasting happiness?

When I first met Elliott, it confused the life out of me trying to figure out what the hell he had to be so happy about. He was still living at home with his parents, he didn't drink, he was 21 and still studying, his house was pretty basic, he had a rubbish Minimum wage… Continue reading How can I find lasting happiness?

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Book therapy

Reading has always been a big part of my life. I think mostly because of the sense of escapism you get by losing yourself in a good book, Especially when your reality isn't at its most glorious point. About 18 months ago when my desire for escapism was probably at its highest, i decided that… Continue reading Book therapy

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The birth of Reuben. A planned, third c-section.

I wrote this post the day my baby was born. But haven't got around to sharing it until now. I planned on going back through and editing it in an attempt to make it 'better' but I've decided to leave it exactly as it is. Written under the influence of all the drugs and emotions...… Continue reading The birth of Reuben. A planned, third c-section.


1st December 2018!

It's December people!!! How exciting! I am so in the zone for Christmas this year! Our tree is up, and has been for about a week now. I love having a real tree but we bought it from a big warehouse and it didn't look that big in the giant room. As soon as we… Continue reading 1st December 2018!

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Christmas is coming!

Okay I've been MIA since Halloween time thanks to my fetus be considerably uncooperative about staying in the womb. I've spent too much time in the hospital which has left me wanting to pack in my planned c section and stay at home to have him naturally. But I know that'll pass in a few… Continue reading Christmas is coming!

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October half term 2018. Halloween and bonfire night

Monday We spent the first day of half term making the house look Halloweeny. Carved the pumpkins and put up a small amount of decorations. Then we took the boys to my parents house just so they could terrorise them for an hour instead of us. Before bed we watched Frankenweenie in the glow of… Continue reading October half term 2018. Halloween and bonfire night

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Preparatory thoughts about the second coming

With all the changes in the church recently you can't help but feel like the second coming is imminent. The prophet is definitely preparing us for this major event. I always worry about how much worse the world is going to get, considering the state it's in already, and what it's going to be like… Continue reading Preparatory thoughts about the second coming