We are all enlisted

I have somewhat of a confession to make; every time i have read the Book of Mormon, i have wanted to skip the war chapters of Alma. The only reason I haven't is because the OCD within me would constantly remind me that I hadn't read the whole book, and that there was a gaping… Continue reading We are all enlisted

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Social Anxiety, Swedish strangers, and a fat activist.

In March i decided that I was no longer going to say no to doing things based on fear or anxiety. I decided the only reasons I would turn down doing something would be physical incapability or it because went against my beliefs or morals. My goal was to experience new things and ultimately morph… Continue reading Social Anxiety, Swedish strangers, and a fat activist.

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A body positivity rant; because life.

I needed a place to vent my frustrations with the world and then I remembered that, that was one of the reasons I set this site up in the first place 🙄 I experienced an attack of thinphobia today 😂 i understand your confusion since the bulk of my recent posts have been about fatphobia… Continue reading A body positivity rant; because life.

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Power songs

Friday marks my five year wedding anniversary. firstly, like woah. how have I been married for five years already?! And not because I've had the time of my life* and time flies when you're having fun but because I genuinely question how someone has managed to put up with me for that long. haha I'm… Continue reading Power songs

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Does this person spark joy?

Have you seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix? Well I haven't lol. I was meant to watch it prior to writing this but I got too involved in prison break and can't currently watch anything but that. Nevertheless, I sort of get the gist of it. I have a friend who was vibing on… Continue reading Does this person spark joy?

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What it can be like living with an eating disorder

It's been national eating disorder awareness week this week and although I know I've already shared a few posts about the toxicity of diet culture, I wanted to really hone in on what it can be like to be a person who is living with an eating disorder. I could throw facts and statistics at… Continue reading What it can be like living with an eating disorder

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Break the rules and feel the freedom 💛

Did you know that if you are a person living in a fat body, there is a list of rules that you should be following? Rules that exist to give you the opportunity to be treated fairly, or even almost equally within society, of course providing you obey these rules. You're probably aware of this,… Continue reading Break the rules and feel the freedom 💛